🧠 What I'm Working On

△ Roksia ~80%Working with an incredible team to deliver a really polished new social app with a lot of interesting ideas.

IttyBit ~15%Investing and advising creator-led and creator-tool businesses.

Lawro ~1%Everything is automated but there's an occasional support request or bugfix. Very happy with how smooth things have been this season, despite the PL schedule chaos.

📍 Where To Find Me

Unsurprisingly, I'm not travelling much right now.

I am in the UK. I'm enjoying being close to family and (when lockdown rules allow) playing football with my hometown friends.

You can follow my future travel plans on NomadList. If you're ever in the same place let me know.

👍 Things I'm Enjoying

Ryan Singer's NewsletterI am a great admirer of Ryan's 'Shape Up' methodology for product development. His newsletter contains a deep-dive into his evolving thought process and so far every email has been packed with interesting ideas.

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72I read Hunter S. Thompson's less well known 'Fear and Loathing' during US election season. It's clear not that much has changed in 48 years and Thompson's effervescent style, and withering disdain for the mainstream media pack, is more timeless and entertaining than the modern day Twitter discourse.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's AwakeningIt's classic Zelda. It's on the Switch. And it has an adorable new art style.

Want to talk?

Pitch me, discuss working together, or riff on your product and company ideas. Here is a standing invitation for interesting people doing interesting things ...